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Our Top Pick: HiMark College

In the search for gas technicians, we are looking for those who have mastered this trade. Our number one choice, backed by industry experts and success stories, is HiMark College who have designed a program to equip you with the precise skills and knowledge demanded by employers in the field. From hands-on experience to in-depth theoretical understanding, Gas Technician 3 and 2 Coop is a comprehensive journey that ensures you stand out among the crowd. Elevate your career prospects and take the first step towards a fulfilling professional future by enrolling today.

I have received training for multiple licenses at this location and have successfully passed each time. The teachers are veterans of the trade who pull multiple resources into the class room to facilitate the teaching of the material. If you are looking for HVAC training I would strongly recommend this location. 


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Another Great Pick: Algonquin College

Compressed 42 week format allows you to get a diploma in only 3 semesters. By studying in the ACCE building, you have the opportunity to work in a fully-outfitted facility where your learn both traditional and advanced technologies used in the industry. Program includes curriculum for Gas. Technician 3 and Gas Technician 2 to prepare for and write your TSSA exams in order to become a licensed Gas Technician. 


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